Hypocrisy at it’s Finest! The SPLC

Let me make this plain and clear. None of what is being said about ANY group that DON'T agree with the caucasian narrative has done any wrong or committed any acts of violence towards any caucasian person or group. This is the language of (so-called)hate watch groups like the Southern poverty law center who has … Continue reading Hypocrisy at it’s Finest! The SPLC

The Feminist movement!

This is the biggest scam played on Black women i have ever seen! In my 52 years i have never seen a black woman that did not have the right or the ability to do what she wanted. Black women have been the most resourceful females on the planet.They have done every thing black men … Continue reading The Feminist movement!

When will we rise?

When will we rise above the senseless violence here in this city and others? When will these fake ass boys wanting to be men but don't have a clue how to do it, realize it's not a pill or a label you can take or wear.This is life and it's not easy so you need … Continue reading When will we rise?

Why would the U.S. be Afraid of China.

Illegal Immigration is on the front burner. We debate, accuse and threaten all sorts of reactions to the illegal entry into this nation. All of that talk seems to focus on the border of Mexico. The most savage form of illegal immigration is that of sex slavery sponsored the nation of China. These slaves are … Continue reading Why would the U.S. be Afraid of China.

McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!

Apparently, those ‘human meat found in McDonald’s’ stories are not a hoax. The claim that McDonald’s used human meat as filler in 100% beef burgers has proved once more. McDonald’s has been previously accused of using worm meat fillers, but the video that was recently released in which man claims that McDonald’s uses human meat … Continue reading McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!

Pseudoscience or Fake Science is a System of Control.

I have come to understand that Who ever wins the war dictates history,i have a great appreciation for this saying because it is true in more ways than anyone could possibly understand now. I chose science because we have been taught to believe it and not question it,kinda like religion.The fact that we would trust … Continue reading Pseudoscience or Fake Science is a System of Control.

WHAT HAPPEND??? QB’S that got drafted before Dak Prescott!

Maybe the most surprising storyline of the 2016 NFL season has been the emergence of Dak Prescott.

U.S. Government Patented Ebola! Why?

I do believe that our gov is engaged in human war-fare! We don't get that they have been on a population control obsession since 1945 when the soldiers came back from the Pearl-Harbor spanking! Their focus has shifted to the Continent of Africa because of all the resources the Dark Land has so it would … Continue reading U.S. Government Patented Ebola! Why?

Up and coming boxers today!

By Sungod64 I have been a boxing fan for 45 years,i have seen just about all the boxers that have boxed since Ali,Sugar Ray,Hearns,All 3 Mayweathers,Benn,Tyson,Holmes,etc.All the fighter i mentioned most of you may know or heard of but there are some if you are not a boxing fan you may not have heard of: Sanchez,Pryor,Ramos,Tiger,Hagler,Snipes,Ibeabuchi … Continue reading Up and coming boxers today!

Operation Condor conspiracy:Faces day of judgment in Argentina court for the conspiracy!

Eighteen former military officers accused of participating in a plan in the 70s and 80s to operate international death squads to eliminate leftwing exiles face verdict It was an organised programme of state-sponsored murder in which US-backed regimes conspired to hunt down, kidnap and kill political opponents across South America and beyond. Operation Condor – … Continue reading Operation Condor conspiracy:Faces day of judgment in Argentina court for the conspiracy!