American Origins

The problem with this type of information is that it is caucasian based!We are quick to quote them when we think we are smart or intelligent,having conversations with some of their colleges who won't do the research to prove them wrong.Caucasians have no intention of telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH IF IT DISQUALIFIES THEIR AGENDA! So … Continue reading American Origins

The Blood Countess: Elisabeth Bathory

First off: trigger warnings. All of the trigger warnings. No trigger unwarned. (okay, fine, it’s actually just triggers for gore, violence, rape, incest, and murder. I think that’s it. but, um, tread lightly regardless.) Now then, let’s take a step into the life of one of the most vilified women in history. On December 29, … Continue reading The Blood Countess: Elisabeth Bathory

Your mind has been Highjacked!

Black people have been brainwashed for the past 252 years. We don't even think like we should,our minds were not designed to be under-used the way we have been lead to believe.We have the power to do anything we want,we have proven that our minds are very powerful.The ancients showed us and we allowed an … Continue reading Your mind has been Highjacked!

Sexy Black Women Fifty Plus!

This list is a follow up to the one i did a while back that featured beautiful women(Black) over 40!I don't need to name them because YOU should already know them! This list features women/actors/model/Fitness over 50 and no less than 50 years old!  Sungod64        

The Florida Cannibal Killer is getting all the benefit in the World!

This guy is indenial,his father is indenial and Dr Phil is helping them STAY indenial!The Media didn't run with this case and stayed away from it because we have never heard of this happening BUT when the brotha had this happen after the same thing it was all over the news his face was plastered … Continue reading The Florida Cannibal Killer is getting all the benefit in the World!

Who is Laura Silsby?

people....If you think this is the first time or the 10th time this has happened?!? Guess again....this is a normal thing(Devilish)and it has been going on for a long,long time.We get used for everything,from sexual toys to sacrifice.We have NO VALUE to these people and we never's us who have been indenial....they have not.They … Continue reading Who is Laura Silsby?

Your kids are/have been brain Washed!

Hollywood and the US government have been brain washing us and our kids for the past forty years or more! Walt Disney and the movie industry are in league whit each other to gain control of your kids want's need's and desires. Cell phones have givin your kids the key to porn,extremist groups,answers to homework … Continue reading Your kids are/have been brain Washed!

Black Billion Dollar Lifestyle!

By The Panache Report ($400 MILLION DOLLAR CLUB) Diddy & Jay-Z continue to be the richest men in hip-hop. Both men have a net worth estimated at $400 million dollars. They've diversified well. Over the years, they've invested in fashion, spirits nightclubs and fragrances. Diddy is currently looking to invest in an NBA/NFL franchise and … Continue reading Black Billion Dollar Lifestyle!

Climate Change is real But Not in the way you have been lead to believe!

Our Planet is due for an equatorial change thus bring on a reduction in the average temperature we are use to getting every year.You have been lied to about the change and type of change that is happening to our Planet.Any time money is involved you WON'T get a straight or truthful answer. Our planet … Continue reading Climate Change is real But Not in the way you have been lead to believe!

LeBron James is not used to pressure like this!

He has the full weight of Cleveland and his supporters on his shoulders.In Miami Dwayne Wade took the pressure off him so he could feel free to perform.In Cleveland now it's all on him.He said he was up to the challenge but it looks like he is cracking!He want's to prove he is the best,he … Continue reading LeBron James is not used to pressure like this!