Sexiest Black Women Over 40!

By Sungod! 12/07/10                               I have to admit, i like dark skinned women, don’t get me wrong i like them light too but there is NOTHING and i mean NOTHING like a beautiful Dark skinned women who is in tuned with her sexuality. Just to look at a sista with beautiful dark smooth flawless skin does something to me and it’s like one of the biggest turn ons i know, among other things we won’t mention, but this is a feeling you cannot ignore, when you see a sista that is strikingly beautiful, everyone around her is affected by her presence.African women around the world have this same quality and is something i think they need to explore more often. I like when a woman has confidence and knows how to use that trait to appear even more beautiful,it’s hard for some to realize it but when they get it “RIGHT”:Man it’s like”I say Got-damn”.These are some of the sexiest Black women over 40 and i have a few of my own i would like to mention!
For decades, older women had been automatically shut out of the field of being considered attractive, one of the most sexist ideas of all. The old perception that a woman over 40 is not as attractive as a woman under 30 has now changed forever. The women in this gallery helped break down the age barrier by taking care of themselves, creating their own power in the world and staying sexy to the public and themselves. An older woman knows what she wants, she has something to teach and she keeps herself looking so good that she makes young boys cry. The women on this list are beautiful, smart, stylish and accomplished. May they ripen lusciously for many years to come, showing the young girls how it’s done. These are Black Voices’ 20 Sexiest Black Women Over Forty.