Black people are the richest people on the Planet!

Sounds crazy don’t it!?! Well it is very true! We are the most loving,giving,remorseful intelligent spiritual, philosophical people on this green earth and the most gullible. We are in a position to rule the world,we could change the monetary system,we could create a whole new currency,we could end poverty,we could make end slavery all over the world disappear.The problem is……we don’t know this is possible because we refuse to wake up!It is one thing to be brainwashed and don’t know it but to be brainwashed and make excuses for being brainwashed is a whole different level of being comatose! if we could get along we could turn our personal situation around.If we could stop hating ourselves we could corner the hair care market over-night.If we could stop hating on each other we could have our own banks and they would be the most successful banks ever.If we could get along we could create our own currency.if we could invest in our own people un-employment for us would end dramatically.If we knew who our ancestors were we would be untouchable.If we believed in our Kemetic Mystery systems we would be the smartest on the planet hands down.if we believed in our ancient cosmology we would have the moon occupied and Mars colonized already.We just need to stop believing what other people and say about us and focus on ourselves because we are ALL WE HAVE! I have said this before: Blackmen could possibly cease to exist in as little as a hundred years if we don’t wake up!We have to start with the changing of how we think,we don’t realize that we think the we have been taught to think and that is the way of your oppressor,we should not articulate the way we do, we can’t see why our minds are this way because we can’t see the thought process through the oppressors way of thinking,this is why we have to change our thought process to reflect the way our ancestors taught us.If we do this i have NO doubt it would turn our lives around.The first step is to admit we have a problem with our thinking and ONLY then will we be able to move forward and correct the damage that has been done to our consciousness,our thought process,our analytical behavior and spirituality.Every black man and woman should ask his and herself:Am i thinking the way i’am suppose to? Sungod64