The Past (Rapper Future) and his hateful persona!

When you hear a person say:This guy or girl will be the future you never look to see these types of people being the complete opposite of what you REALLY want them to be or was talking about when you made the claim.I would say 90% of the the time when people say that,they never dream of it being a negative thing or not turning out to be a slap in the face so to speak! This person who calls himself Future is NOT the future men and women would want to look to as their/our future. In fact this guy is the complete opposite of what a male should be. He proves to us that in sooo many ways he is NOT the future in what he calls his reason for doing something so petty and low-down till he just did not understand why it was bad, which says a lot about his fragile personality.I want to show you how fragile this little boy/gurl is,he and i quote ” Future Say’s He Slept With Pippens Wife Because As A Kid Pippen Refused To Give Him An Autograph”A damn autograph?!?You mean to tell me you have been mad at a SUPERSTAR for something you had no control over and WE don’t know what transpired on that faithful situation, all we have is what you said and no other proof of what actually went down.People don’t get mad like that over something as trivial as an autograph but today’s youngsters are crazy and will kill over facebook posts.he claims he slept with the man’s wife because of this but i will say that if that happened it was not what the wife was doing it for.The wife is a slut and a hoe and don’t need to be called a wife or mother of kids when you engage in conduct un-becoming of a Superstars wife!You have to be a disturbed individual to stalk and follow a persons wife just to make a point to a person that don’t even know that some fool has a problem with him! He could have just chalked it up as a bad timing situation and moved on but like the insecure effeminate male he is(he could play forward for the WNBA and no one would know he was a male) the action speaks to his personality! He is all on Instagram,facebook,twitter and just making this situation look really bad but NOT knowing that he is really making himself look like a jealous pussy and will no longer be invited to his circle of friends homes anymore but he don’t see this effect because he is a boy.He has four kids by four different females and can neither raise any of them because he is not a man and don’t know how to be one. He is also mad a Ciara because she moved on and got married to a Superstar football player and again hear we go with the trolling of another couple because you can be a man and take care of your kids,so this makes you made at the guy who can. Very insecure. You have now found your dumb ass in court because of this and won’t win. The only people who agree with you is like minded people which in this case are insecure boys and young males who hate men because they refuse to become one.


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