Talk about Double Standard: Wendy Williams Won’t Have To Resume Paying Alimony!

“Wendy Williams Won’t Have To Resume Paying Kevin Hunter Alimony”Wendy Williams Hunter Birthday Give Back Gala

Well… Here we go with the continued double standard when it comes to females and spousal support, because the shoe is on the other foot they have been crying foul! A man should get a job! Well there is nothing holding a females back from also getting a job! Every time a male has to pay support he is expected to do it and had better not saying to the contrary!

The times a male athlete/entertainer or professional got a divorce he was or sha ll i say it is EXPECTED that he take care of his then wife or ex-girlfriend or what ever she was is at the time, he can’t get out of it! he will pay and the system makes it so. BUT when it comes to applying that same law to the females for some reason it get very murky and becomes unclear and some judges side with the females depending on the case contradicting the law each time!mary-j-blige-2000

Now i’m no lawyer but as i see it, these cases should be held to the same standard as the law dictates and not be judge on whether or not it’s a male or female that’s asking for their support RIGHTFULLY BY LAW! This case struck me as odd because they have been together since 1997 and got a divorce in 2019 because he cheated and got his side chick pregnant so 22 years of marriage is enough for her to pay him what he deserves regardless of the situation.

If it was a woman the law would still apply case in point Hall of Fame White Sox slugger Frank Thomas ex-wife was found cheating on him he got divorced and he had to give her stankin ass half his fortune! She was caught cheating with the/her personal trainer. You can’t even find this info on the web because they leave it out but let it be a male it’s every where.  Mary J Blige claims she couldn’t pay because she was broke?!?Child Support: Double Standard Based on Gender? - The Law Office of Merissa  V. Grayson

Back in May 2014, Berry was ordered to pay child support in the amount of $16,000/month (no typo). Reportedly, Berry recently filed a Request for a $12,000 reduction of the support amount, alleging that Aubrey has been abusing the system by living off of support and refusing to get a job. The same thing can be said for every females who has gotten support from a male but you NEVER HERE THAT IN THE NEWS!

I don’t want to hear that BS pay just like the males are expected to and STOP WHINING! Nobody want’s to hear that but hateful females who want males to pay for everything and they do nothing! Clear Double Standard!
Wendy Williams won’t have to fork over alimony payments to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online. In December, Hunter filed a lawsuit demanding for the media titan to resume alimony payments after she stopped sending spousal support in October 2021.

Hunter claimed he was “broke” and couldn’t “pay his bills,” but this week, a New Jersey judge dismissed the suit.
According to the court docs, the judge found Kevin’s demands “not emergent” and tossed out the suit “without prejudice.”
The judge also denied Hunter’s previous request for Williams to pay his attorney fees.
So far, it looks like Wendy is in the clear, but things could change if Hunter decides to take the case to mediation.

“The parties are to participate in binding arbitration,” the judge said in a statement. “The issues surrounding the severance payments, and the [Qualified Domestic Relations Order] are disputed and therefore need to be mediated.”

In his suit, Hunter, 50, claimed that the former shock jock stopped doling out alimony around the same time she lost her contract with Talk WW, the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy’s lawyers filed a separation motion noting that the star had fallen into a financial rut after she was suspended from the popular daytime talk show. Documents showed that she had stopped receiving a salary in October 2021, around the same time she had gone missing from the show due to several health struggles.Double Standards : r/MensRights

“On October 15, of 2021 plaintiff was informed by Talk WW that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation shall accrue or be payable to plaintiff for the duration of plaintiff’s disability and incapacity,” stated Williams’ attorney.

They also noted that Hunter “understood and agreed” that “all Severance Payment shall be subject to either termination or modification” if Wendy’s contract was “not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, canceled or terminated.”

Kevin Hunter claimed he couldn’t pay his homeowner fees and car insurance
In his desperate request last year, Hunter claimed he had fallen behind on multiple bills.

“I currently live in a community that requires payments to the homeowner association and I’m behind on that bill. If the homeowners association fees are not paid foreclosure will soon follow,” his plea read.

“My car insurance hasn’t been paid as a result of not receiving monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I have no money since the severance payments were suspended,” he continued.

“My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement,” Wendy’s ex added. “The fact that I am unable to sustain my life and pay my bills in order is extremely emergent to me.
I cannot pay my bills and sustain my day-to-day living.”
Williams jumped the broom with Hunter in 1997 but filed for divorce in 2019 after he welcomed a child with his then mistress-turned wife, Sharina Hudson.

  • Should women be treated the same as men where they are the main support of the family?
  • Answer: YES!!!!

I don’t care what he did, you married him just like all the males that married these lazy females that use the kids to get out of working, if we have to get a job (like ya’ll say) Females get off your ass and GET A JOB TOO! SG64 

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