The 1942 (FAKE)Battle of Los Angeles!

This is another case of make the public think you are trying to hide something that is real but you are NOT hiding something that is real in fact it couldn't be FAKER than a 3 dollar bill but using reverse psychology you make them think that it is real. This is the case or … Continue reading The 1942 (FAKE)Battle of Los Angeles!

Coons.Toms,Thomasinas,turncoats,sellouts and oreos! What’s your Motivation?

As i sit here typing this blog post i think back to all my years coming in contact with these types of "Black People" and i still don't know what is going on in their pea brains.They range from poor to wealthy and they all have the same core reason for doing or feeling the … Continue reading Coons.Toms,Thomasinas,turncoats,sellouts and oreos! What’s your Motivation?

The Past (Rapper Future) and his hateful persona!

When you hear a person say:This guy or girl will be the future you never look to see these types of people being the complete opposite of what you REALLY want them to be or was talking about when you made the claim.I would say 90% of the the time when people say that,they never … Continue reading The Past (Rapper Future) and his hateful persona!

Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!

I have two distinct purposes for adding to this post/article,1. to show how quickly people want to forget about the American/Arab/British/Spanish/Portuguese/French/Roman/Greek/Persian/Dutch/Danish slave Trade/Holocaust/Genocide/Mass Killings/Un-thinkable horror/sexual abuse/homosexual abuse/Mental abuse that was inflicted on to my people for no less than 2500 years and counting!2.The willingness to acknowledge/compensate/commemorate other nationalities for persecution But conveniently forget about the … Continue reading Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!

The cause of some problems in the inner city. Malt liquor

A University of Minnesota study of 10 cities, including Boston, has found that alcohol, especially malt liquor, is more widely available in poor, black neighborhoods. more stories like thisThe study, released yesterday, found that poor neighborhoods with high concentrations of African-Americans had significantly greater than average numbers of liquor stores, 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor … Continue reading The cause of some problems in the inner city. Malt liquor

Technology helps create bioengineered organs for human transplant

More than 120,000 people are on the national organ transplant waiting list, and the list continues to grow. To help meet the need for viable organs, Miromatrix Medical, a small business funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is developing a technology to create bioengineered organs for human transplant.blob: The technology removes all cells from … Continue reading Technology helps create bioengineered organs for human transplant

Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website.Why?

This is just another instance of the government committing fraud against the American public.The removal of this information is not new but a testament to the chronic deceptive practice,lying,fraud,injustice and this is one of the very reasons we shouldn't trust our own government. Sungod64 By Dr. Mercola Many are not aware that in the US … Continue reading Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website.Why?

American Origins

The problem with this type of information is that it is caucasian based!We are quick to quote them when we think we are smart or intelligent,having conversations with some of their colleges who won't do the research to prove them wrong.Caucasians have no intention of telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH IF IT DISQUALIFIES THEIR AGENDA! So … Continue reading American Origins

The Blood Countess: Elisabeth Bathory

First off: trigger warnings. All of the trigger warnings. No trigger unwarned. (okay, fine, it’s actually just triggers for gore, violence, rape, incest, and murder. I think that’s it. but, um, tread lightly regardless.) Now then, let’s take a step into the life of one of the most vilified women in history. On December 29, … Continue reading The Blood Countess: Elisabeth Bathory

Your mind has been Highjacked!

Black people have been brainwashed for the past 252 years. We don't even think like we should,our minds were not designed to be under-used the way we have been lead to believe.We have the power to do anything we want,we have proven that our minds are very powerful.The ancients showed us and we allowed an … Continue reading Your mind has been Highjacked!