The Hypocrisy of The U.S.National Anthem and Flag!

We were slaves while America was trying to find it's self,through our help/forced labor she adopted a the flag about 263 years after 1516 ce,while the well oiled machine of slavery was in full gear!       The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of The U.S.National Anthem and Flag!


Farnham’s Freehold:Black People have no Clue! some point you have to start paying attention to the people and the books they write around you and about you. The author of the novel Robert A. Heinlein, held the pulse of the white race with this novel he wrote for (what if) magazine back in 1964.He played on the fear of nearly … Continue reading Farnham’s Freehold:Black People have no Clue!

How We(THEY) Built the Ghettos for us!

A brief introduction to America's long history of racist housing policy. By JAMELLE BOUIE Yesterday, apropos of Paul Ryan’s remarks on “inner-city poverty” and a culture that “doesn’t value work,” I wrote about the policy that went into building our inner-cities and depriving whole communities of wealth and opportunity. Likewise, at MSNBC, Ned Resnikoff wrote … Continue reading How We(THEY) Built the Ghettos for us!

The Past (Rapper Future) and his hateful persona!

When you hear a person say:This guy or girl will be the future you never look to see these types of people being the complete opposite of what you REALLY want them to be or was talking about when you made the claim.I would say 90% of the the time when people say that,they never … Continue reading The Past (Rapper Future) and his hateful persona!

Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!

I have two distinct purposes for adding to this post/article,1. to show how quickly people want to forget about the American/Arab/British/Spanish/Portuguese/French/Roman/Greek/Persian/Dutch/Danish slave Trade/Holocaust/Genocide/Mass Killings/Un-thinkable horror/sexual abuse/homosexual abuse/Mental abuse that was inflicted on to my people for no less than 2500 years and counting!2.The willingness to acknowledge/compensate/commemorate other nationalities for persecution But conveniently forget about the … Continue reading Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!

Black people are the richest people on the Planet!

Sounds crazy don't it!?! Well it is very true! We are the most loving,giving,remorseful intelligent spiritual, philosophical people on this green earth and the most gullible. We are in a position to rule the world,we could change the monetary system,we could create a whole new currency,we could end poverty,we could make end slavery all over … Continue reading Black people are the richest people on the Planet!

Black Americans and Mental Health. The sad Truth.

Mental Health America works nationally and locally to raise awareness about mental health.  We believe that everyone at risk for mental illnesses and related disorders should receive early and effective interventions. Historically, communities of color experience unique and considerable challenges in accessing mental health services.  Demographics/Societal Issues 13.2 % of the U.S. population, or roughly … Continue reading Black Americans and Mental Health. The sad Truth.

American Origins

The problem with this type of information is that it is caucasian based!We are quick to quote them when we think we are smart or intelligent,having conversations with some of their colleges who won't do the research to prove them wrong.Caucasians have no intention of telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH IF IT DISQUALIFIES THEIR AGENDA! So … Continue reading American Origins

Sexy Black Women Fifty Plus!

This list is a follow up to the one i did a while back that featured beautiful women(Black) over 40!I don't need to name them because YOU should already know them! This list features women/actors/model/Fitness over 50 and no less than 50 years old!  Sungod64        

Black Billion Dollar Lifestyle!

By The Panache Report ($400 MILLION DOLLAR CLUB) Diddy & Jay-Z continue to be the richest men in hip-hop. Both men have a net worth estimated at $400 million dollars. They've diversified well. Over the years, they've invested in fashion, spirits nightclubs and fragrances. Diddy is currently looking to invest in an NBA/NFL franchise and … Continue reading Black Billion Dollar Lifestyle!