Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!

I have two distinct purposes for adding to this post/article,1. to show how quickly people want to forget about the American/Arab/British/Spanish/Portuguese/French/Roman/Greek/Persian/Dutch/Danish slave Trade/Holocaust/Genocide/Mass Killings/Un-thinkable horror/sexual abuse/homosexual abuse/Mental abuse that was inflicted on to my people for no less than 2500 years and counting!2.The willingness to acknowledge/compensate/commemorate other nationalities for persecution But conveniently forget about the … Continue reading Genocide in Guatemala (1981–1983)The Real Reason!


The first Holocaust!

Horrifying secrets of Germany's earliest genocide inside Africa's 'Forbidden Zone' By SEAN THOMAS This must be the most God-forsaken place on Earth. I'm standing on a dusty desert road in a desolate country on the south-west coast of Africa. In front of me is an unspoken border. Summoning the courage, I prepare to step across. … Continue reading The first Holocaust!