Black-eyed Children in Dulce,NM

In the last twenty years a phenomenon has begun to grow across the internet. Literally thousands of tales of people who have encountered small groups of young children usually estimated as being 9 to 10 years old, well dressed with olive skin approaching people to ask assistance in the dead of night have begun to pop up across numerous forums. There are three aspects to these accounts that make them worth mentioning; each witness describes feeling an unexplainable sense of dread in the children’s presence, the children appear to be far more persuasive than could be considered natural, but most important are the eyes. Their eyes are described as completely black with no pupils, no irises, and not even the whites of the eye. Introducing the BEK…935867-eced6be6-4ff3-11e3-9447-447e09e048d9

In 1996 a journalist by the name of Brian Bethel had driven into Abilene, Texas after nightfall to deliver a payment to the night-drop slot of his internet service provider. Brian Bethel’s account is the first modern telling of the BEK, but note the word “modern” as these encounters in fact date back thousands of years… if you know where to look.
While writing the check in his idling car he was approached by “two young boys, somewhere between 9 to 12 years old and dressed in hooded pullovers”. The occurrence seemed ordinary enough until he cracked the window to speak to them. With no idea why, Bethel was suddenly gripped by an “incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear”. Only one boy spoke while the other stood silently staring at Bethel. The boy explained that he and his friend were going to see a movie but needed a ride to his mothers. He found himself having considerable difficulty refusing, but that’s when he noticed the eyes and fled.

Another notable account; this time by a doctor. A female doctor was home alone and answered the door to two children described almost identically to those above. The children again had a convincing story saying that they were waiting for their mother (it’s always a mother) and needed to use the bathroom. She recounts the feeling of dread and hopelessness but that she attributed this to concern over doing the right thing for the children. She told the children to wait while she went to put her dog into a room for the children’s safety, and that’s when things get creepy. Her dog was found terrified whimpering in the other room and wouldn’t move despite coaxing.

At this point she returned to the door to tell the children they couldn’t come in at which time they became “persuasive” and she noticed the eyes. Then others started appearing closer to the edge of the yard. In total she guessed there were 10 to 12 of them. In her account of the night she doesn’t say how it ended except that she didn’t let them in.

Within all those details there is one very important and very chilling portion which was reflected in both stories; a single statement made by the boy to Bethel, “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s OK. Let us in!” The immediate conclusion would of course be vampires, but in fact these creatures have very little in common with vampires. The benefit of the internet is that we can now instantly share our encounters. However; the problem with pop culture is that we have so distorted the imagery that we have long since lost knowledge of the monsters that haunted our ancestors.

Vampires were described as humans possessed by evil, and a symptom of that evil was their wretched appearance, so certainly not the black eyed children. Alternatively fairies are now depicted as beautiful peaceful beings, slender and tall with glowing white hair. In fact they were the opposite; the Gaelic peoples originally described the “faerie” as the size of a child and with features that could be described as beauty if not arranged in such a way that made them menacing. Here’s the important part… Fairies would enter our world only if they were welcomed. Once here they would steal their victim away to their plain forever. In Japan these same creatures were called Yōsei 妖精, in Islam they are called the ḥūr or ḥūrīyah. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has been recounted for thousands of years. Today it simply has a different name.


So what happens if you let them in? There are no stories of people who have let them in. However; the FBI reports that 2,300 Americans go missing every day and many of these are never seen again. While these statistics obviously represent child kidnapping, adults of mental illness, and other causes, how can we be certain that every person in the more than 800,000 Americans that go missing every year went missing for reasons outside the paranormal.

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