The Omega Man and Soylent Green!

Richard Fleischer’s Soylent Green presented a grim vision of a world on the brink of collapse following decades of environmental neglect. Loosely adapted from Harry Harrison’s novel Make Room! Make Room!, the 1973 film warns us that continuing on our current path will most certainly lead to catastrophe.

In the novel,(Omega Man) humanity is destroyed by a bacterial plague spread by bats and mosquitoes, which turns the population into vampire-like creatures, whereas in this film version, biological warfare is the cause of the plague that kills most of the population by asphyxiation and turns most of the rest into nocturnal albino mutants.

These are examples of books turned into movies that the 1percent have been watching and plotting to turn into reality. The 1percent don’t want you or me to exist like them because we could potentially become one of them so in their minds they have enough millionaires and billionaires so it’s time to put the smack down on us. Listen carefully THERE ARE NO KNOW VIRUSES IN NATURE!!! So you know what has become of the 1percent, they have undermined our lives and they plan on getting rid of as many of us as they can. It makes sense to them but when you are in a position to ask a question and answer it at the same time, you are the PROBLEM! They keep being part of these movies that depict the wiping out the population and creating movies that show the collapse of civilization.

Their minds are pre-disposed to this thinking because their circles all consist of this type of thought patterns. These viruses are man-made and they are designed to kill as many people as possible but under the guise of infections and human error, this pandemic was created and they intend to keep throwing these viruses at us until they will the population war or complete their genocidal takeover. None of this is by accident, this has all been planned and mapped out according to the minds of these people. We need to stop believing and listening to them and question everything they say and don’t feed into their nonsense. They love attention but hate people so if we ignore them maybe they will get the picture….. I doubt it but we need to stop allowing these people to live rent free in our heads. SG64

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